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“Your Personal Beauty EXPERT”

Harry Jefferson is an international business consultant and commercial beauty/fashion makeup artist. Born in Okinawa, Japan- Harry has always been greatly influenced by the culture and concept of beauty that surrounded him. His ethnic blend of African American background and Japanese influence has cultivated a unique perspective for beauty and the interpretation thereof. From the streets of Tokyo to the subways of New York City, Harry has been inspired by the different interpretations of beauty and incorporated them into his work.                                                                                               21389_510135285723455_1627545456_n    As a young child, he was constantly painting in his small art book the ethereal beauties of antique Japanese art, sculpting African masks, and sketching popular cartoons. It was not until 2005 that he discovered makeup for the first time as a dancer. He witnessed how it transformed people, and began to experiment until it landed him working on photoshoots and production sets. His makeup career reached a turning point in 2011 after a galvanizing encounter with a middle-aged woman that needed help at a cosmetic counter in New York City. He realized that with just a little bit of time and care- this medium of art and expression could uplift and change the lives of others. After helping this woman- Harry vowed that his personal mission would be tochange the world one face at a time.This new found purpose has motivated him to charge both the creative and corporate ends of the industry with passion. His experiences have provided him with a 360 perspective in the development of various beauty business projects. As he continued in his career, he fell deeper in love with makeup. Harry says that “Makeup is confidence on your face and works like magic because it makes you think, look, and feel differently (about yourself)”. It creates confidence and self-appreciation- a feeling that can change your life. His goal is to ignite this feeling in others by sharing his knowledge of how to love oneself and grow confident through makeup.

“ I’d like to be everyone’s personal beauty expert and biggest fan…I want to assist them in the exploration of their beauty and empower them with the magic of confidence and I will do this through redefining their relationship with makeup… which will ultimately redefine their relationships with themselvesHarry has been working in the industry for over 8 years, 3 years of which he spent honing is skills at several counters in MAC cosmetics. Besides working with MTV with groups like “Rhythm City” from America’s Best Dance Crew, Harry has worked and assisted with public figures like Wynter Gordon, Vivica Fox, Shaun Ross, Coco and Breezy, Chris Humphries/Kim Kardashian, DOMO, Dawid Wolinski, Natalia Siwiec, Marcelina Zawadzka, Maciej Zien, Honorota Skarbek, Dawid Kwiatkowski, Klaudiej Halecjo, Candy Girl, Natalia Szroeder, Osi Ugonoh, Rafal Maslak, Karolina Gilon, Ada Fijal,  and many more. Harry’s artistic work has been published in the major US coastal cities including Los Angeles, Miami, Boston, Chicago and now most recently in Europe with a new Health and Beauty chain called KONTIGO.